Rhonda Rangeo

Rhonda relishes and is captivated by design challenges. Her 40 years of experience with handcrafted gilding and antiquing, museum hinging, faux finishes, and art placement consultation support her expertise in framing design.
She considers aesthetics, preservation, and construction in her designs, involving you in the process and ensuring that the completed frame will bring you daily visual delight.

Joseph Keasler

Joseph brought his experience as an art gallery director to the Framemakers family and has been with the shop for 15 years. He has become a master frame joiner and specializes in joining, repairing, and refurbishing frames. He has also been our in-house dry mounting technician. His experience with heat/vacuum, cold and Gatorfoam mounting is invaluable with the variety of materials our customers bring to us.
“It’s a rewarding process to work with customers to achieve a framing treatment that showcases their artwork in a distinctive manner. I enjoy hearing customers tell me that their framed piece really completes their home. “

Scott Shaner

Scott began his picture-framing career in California over twenty years ago. In that time he has yet to encounter an object or piece of art that could not be framed. Scott has been with Framemakers for 10 years.
“Preservation and protection are my main goals as a picture framer. Making sure that the client's work is cared for and enhanced will help them enjoy their framed piece for years to come.”
Scott’s personal interests in woodworking, illustration and design have aided him immeasurably in helping others with their framing needs.
“Studying color theory in San Francisco has enhanced my expertise in choosing mat color combinations. It has brought about an awareness of the harmonies and correlations that color plays in relation to the art.”
French matting is another of Scott’s passions. His skills and training have transitioned beautifully into this Old World matting tradition.